Beach Hair, Don’t Care!

Are you looking for that effortless beach hair, but don’t know where to start when it comes to products? Keep reading to find out what I use to achieve my salty waves!

First, I have to give credit to my stylist @macyleslie_hair, she is a genius when it comes to color and cuts! (not only is she the cutest former Dolphin’s cheerleader, she also shares her amazing hair creations and is worth a follow). So, if you’re a local babe you must go see her at Moda Hair Design in Royal Palm Beach.

I wash and condition my hair using Kevin Murphy products. Not only do they smell amazing, they have changed my hair from damaged and dull to soft and shiny! ( I will do another post later on how Macy keeps me looking fabulous and the products that keep my hair from getting brassy.)When I get out of the shower I towel dry my hair and spritz this spray. It is best to use on damp hair (I flip my head over and do a few sprays and work it through with my hands). It also smells like I’ve just left the spa!

A few times a week I also use this leave-in conditioning spray. (It is also a great detangler! I use it on my daughters hair after her bath to banish those tangles.)

After using my amazing Kevin Murphy products, I lightly spray the ends of my hair with this salt spray. I have tried many salt sprays and beach hair products, and I always come back to this one. Out of all the products that I have tried this one is the least gritty. Bonus: it’s only $9.99!

You can use this spray alone or use it over the products I listed above.  Simply scrunch into hair and air dry, or use a diffuser to dry your hair.

You can also use a wand curling iron like this one to add to your beachy waves! 

Just add some sunless tanner, and you’ll look like a bronzed goddess with perfect beach waves!

All my love,


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