Fasting & Fitness


Hi! As promised, here is my blog on what I do for fasting and fitness. First let me say, I am by no means an expert on this subject, nor am I a dietitian. This is what works for me and my body. 

When It comes to eating, I try to eat pretty healthy. Due to issues with my digestive system, I cut out a ton of things to see what works for me. I do not eat gluten and I also cut out dairy. I am not sure if I have an allergy to these things, but I can tell you that I feel 100% better since removing them from my diet. I also try to only do seafood when it comes to protein. 

Now let’s talk fasting, when I fast I do the 16:8 ratio. This means that I only eat for 8 hours of the day and fast for 16. It may seem like a lot, 16 hours?! When you break it down, it’s actually pretty easy. I am not a breakfast person so it was probably easier for me to fast until lunch. When I wake up, I have a coffee (a lot of fasts say no coffee), but I cannot start my day without some caffeine. I drink water and have my first bite at 12. I am not extremely hungry at 12 so I usually grab a protein bar. My favorite bars are FroPro protein bars. Keep in mind, for weight loss: pick healthy options for your meals. I am not a huge cook, so writing exactly what I eat in am entire day is difficult. I usually pick little meals like guac and veggies or apple and almond butter through out the day. For dinner I usually do salmon and veggies or shrimp with quinoa. 

When 8 PM rolls around, I stop eating. This was something that was very hard for me at first. I used to love a bowl of popcorn in the evening or any snack really. Once you get through the first few days, you don’t even want these things anymore. You can fast for as many days as you’d like. I usually take breaks on the weekends.

Don’t forget to hydrate! Yes, I need to practice what I preach. I am so bad at drinking water. To make sure I’m hydrated, I usually grab a Liquid IV to add to my water. I am a fan of the lemon lime flavor. Use code: MEESHLYLANE for 25% off!

To keep me on track with my fasts, I use an app called: Zero. It helps keep me accountable and charts each of your fasts. 


I have a slow metabolism and can gain weight pretty easily. I have to do some sort of fitness every day to maintain. I enjoy working out, that wasn’t always the case though! I started enjoying my workouts in my 30s. I usually run (I interval run) on days that I don’t do Lagree. What’s Lagree? It’s a form of pilates that focuses on creating long lean muscles. If you are local to palm beach county, there is a studio called Core Evolution that is amazing. If you are in Gainesville, I go to a studio called APEX. You will burn the entire class, its a killer! If you don’t have the time to go to the gym, there are plenty of at home workouts and apps that are great! One of my favorites is Obe Fitness. 

Again, this is what works for me. Everyone and every body is different. 


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