Pajamas All Day!

Some days call for pajamas all day! Today was one of those days. I believe that what you do before bedtime (beauty rituals) and what you wear to sleep can control how much sleep you get! If you’re anything like me, sleep is something I greatly treasure. I put together a few beauty items I use every evening before bed as well as my favorite pajamas.

These pajamas are to die for! I mean talk about soft! Plus, they wash extremely well. I have several sets from years ago that are still getting put to use for sleep. You can find this pajama set at Nordstrom. Throw on a cute robe in the morning and enjoy that cup of coffee in style! I’m also linking a pajama set I also own and love!

Pajamas? Check! I want to talk about what to do before bed that helps me get a restful evening of sleep. For those of you who don’t wash your hair every evening it helps to pull your hair up in a pony. I use Invisibobble hair ties. They are super comfortable and stay put until morning. Added bonus: they don’t leave dents! So curl those locks before bed, you’ll be sure to wake with perfect hair in the morning with these!

Now that your hair is ready for bed, its time to focus on that beautiful face of yours! As you already know, it is always important to take off the day before bed. I will get into my facial routine in a another post, but for now I want to focus on the holy grail of eye treatments! Keihl’s Midnight Recovery eye treatment is amazing! I apply a small rice sized line under each eye and gently pat into the under eye area. This eye treatment works it’s magic while you sleep. I promise you’ll wake with refreshed eyes!

Right before I climb into bed I mist my pillows with this lavender mist. This mist is made with pure essential oils. Even safe for baby’s room! I truly believe this mist relaxes and calms, helping me sleep soundly. Sometime I find myself spraying random things during the day for a little pick-me-up, and doesn’t like smelling like a spa?

Hope you enjoyed reading about my must haves for a sound night of sleep. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks!

All my love,


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