stocking stuffers

I don’t know about you, but I love opening little presents from a stocking. When we were kids, we were always allowed to open what was inside our stockings before our parents were up. Sometimes we would wake up super early and sneak them into our rooms! As requested, here is a gift guide containing the perfect gifts for her stocking!

Mascara– This is my favorite mascara! I have never had lash extensions because I’m afraid it may hurt what little lashes I do have. This mascara gives me the look of having false lashes with out trauma to them! This is a must have!

Sunnies– I absolutely love this brand! They are quality sunglasses with out breaking the bank, and if your like me, you’re rough with your glasses. If anything happens to them you won’t feel as guilty because of their price!

Eye Mask– I was never a fan of eye masks until I tried this one! It’s silk so it doesn’t pull or push on your lashes. This is also a great mask for girls out there who do have false lashes.

Earrings– These studs look like the real deal! I constantly get asked if I received them for an anniversary gift or special occasion. Let’s let them think they’re real!

Nail Polish Set– A girl can always use good nail polish, especially for those days that you can’t make it to the nail salon.

Undies– These undies are amazing! I had a friend tell me to try these a few years ago and now I won’t wear anything else but these! They are the most comfortable thong I’ve ever worn, and yes thongs can be comfortable!

Facial Roller– There has been a lot of hype lately over these things! I finally decided to try and now I won’t apply my serums any other way. This tool helps reduce small wrinkles and expression lines.

Hair ties– These bungie-like hair ties don’t leave a dent in the hair. They stay put with out giving you a headache from a tight hair tie! I always have one on my wrist.

Card Case– I think every girl should have a card case like this. These are perfect for those days when we just want to carry a small clutch or nothing at all. This little guy fits perfectly into a back pocket.

Highlighter Palette– This little palette is great because you can use just one or all three together to create a multidimensional look.

Necklace– You can never go wrong with a dainty necklace! This one is adjustable and can be worn alone or with several other necklaces for a fun layered look. Bonus: It’s 18k gold plated!

Happy Shopping!



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